Miss  Iceland
Miss Iceland is a rollicking and devil-may-care-action-and-adventure love story.

Traversing the far corners of the globe, intrepid and iconoclastic playboy Scott
Bonness and his zany cohorts jump from one bizarre yet fascinating scenario to

Confirmed bachelor Bonness falls madly in love with an Icelandic maiden, Ingrid
Bjornsdottir, and concocts an elaborate plan to win her heart.

This is a book with many twists and turns, and it shall undoubtedly capture the
fancy of readers the world over.

For the young, the young at heart, and those who dare to dream, Miss Iceland is
guaranteed to be a captivating and enthralling novel.  Enjoy!

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      Greg Zagel
ISBN:  1413779441
About the author:
Greg Zagel attended graduate school at Stanford University and is a
metallurgical engineer who has finally made a foray into the literary
field of endeavor.  Although born in America, he has lived in many
nations around the world.  Today, he splits his time between Bangkok,
Chile, Iceland, and his current residence in Portland Oregon.
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